• Timothy C. Bourman - Pastor


    Timothy Bourman was called to serve as pastor of Sure Foundation in May of 2008.  He and his wife, Amanda, moved to Queens, New York, in October of that year to meet a small congregation worshipping in a rental facility.  Since he moved across the East River, God has richly blessed him with three daughters, Tayley, Brooke, and Felicity.  Our Lord has also surrounded him with a growing, diverse, passionate, and gospel-loving community as beautiful and exciting as Queens itself.

    Timothy Bourman is the founder of Project 1517, a podcast inspired by the Reformer Martin Luther.  He also is a regular contributor to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary's Shepherd's Study.

    Timothy Bourman has deep roots in New York City.  His mom was born and raised in Upstate New York and his Grandfather lived in Astoria, New York in the years following the second World War.  He received a Bachelor of Arts from Martin Luther College (2004).  He completed his Master's of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (2008).

  • David J. Salinas - Pastor


    David Salinas accepted the call to serve Sure Foundation in January 2017 as pastor alongside Pastor Timothy Bourman.  He is honored and excited to be a part of the beautiful mosaic and loving Christian family that is Sure Foundation, and he is looking forward to the adventures offered in the amazing community of Queens, NY.  Previously, he served as pastor of St. John Lutheran in Southern California from 2004 - 2013.  From 2013 to May of 2017 he served as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church and missionary to the Spanish-speaking community in southeastern Washington.

    David Salinas is blessed to come to Sure Foundation with a diversity of pastoral and missionary experience; he also brings perhaps his finest gifts from the Lord, his loving and talented wife of 18 years, Katie, and their four daughters, Rachel, Eva, Gabriela, and Anastasia.

    David Salinas grew up in North Hollywood, CA with roots that reach all the way back to New York.  His mother emigrated to New York City from Mexico in the late 1950s.  In addition to a Masters of Divinity from Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary (2004), Pastor Dave holds a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from California State University, Northridge (1997).