Advent comes from a latin word meaning “arrival” or “coming.”

During the four Sundays preceding Christmas Christians prepare for the coming of Jesus not only at his birth but also with an eye toward his second coming at the end of time. Since a King is coming, we prepare for ourselves for his arrival. We examine our own hearts through contrition and repentance, by which we are forced back to God’s everlasting love and mercy. It is his love and mercy for us which compelled him to send his Son to live with us and to be born in a manger in Bethlehem.

Join us as we prepare for his coming. Below you can find resources that you can use on you own or with your families. You can use them all together or you can use them selectively. However, each is intended to put your focus right where it should be: on the Savior who is coming.

Advent Wreath

Advent wreaths have their origin in pre-Reformation Germany. In many German homes families had the custom of lighting four candles in the weeks preceding Christmas. Families used this as a time of devotion. As they lit the candles they read Scripture and prayed together. Over the years years the candles took on their own symbolism.

Advent wreaths can be the traditional green wreath with four candles or just a series of four candles laid out on a table. For ideas and instructions on how to create your own advent wreaths click here.

You can also purchase them here.

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