As part of our 10th Anniversary Celebration, Sure Foundation created a "Fellowship Mosaic" artwork as a celebration of the faith, community, and life of Sure Foundation.

Our church serves people from many different backgrounds from over 15 different countries. Mosaic tiles are written with the Good News (John 3:16) in almost every language. Swahili, Creole, Korean, Norwegian, German, Spanish, Hawaiian, Urdu and Japanese are just a few of the languages understood by members of SFLC's family! 

The mosaic tells a visual story with favorite Bible passages, Christian symbols and Bible stories. Like traditional stained-glass windows found in many churches, our artwork shares the hope, joy, faith, trust, peace, love and grace we have in our Savior. (These words are even hidden in the mosaic.)

Installed in conjunction with Sure Foundation’s 10th Anniversary in October 2010, the process for the creation of the Fellowship Artwork was designed to let everyone have a hand in it. The mosaic “tiles” are made from Metro cards, New York City’s transit ticket used on subways and buses. Each Metro card has been turned into a work of art. Over 150 people participated in the creation of the mosaic; even friends and family a bit further afield from SFLC's NYC home had a chance to create a mini-masterpiece, sending transit tickets on their own round-trip across the US and the world.

The project has strengthened our membership, reached out to our neighbors and generated excitement about our church. So next time you're planning a trip to NYC or are in our neighborhood, visit Sure Foundation and see this extraordinary mosaic and the celebration of faith in Christ within the diversity of our community. 

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